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Front page, Chicago Tribune, Thursday, August 29, 1996. Above the fold, "Democrats Embrace Clinton." Coverage of the 1996 Democratic National Convention, which took place in Chicago, Illinois. Lead article references Bill Clinton accepting his…

Thursday, August 29, 1996 Chicago Tribune. Front page of the Special Report Section (1A) titled, "The Democratic Convention." Above the fold is a photo of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley sitting on-stage before a large American flag at a local high…

Chicago Tribune Thursday, August 29, 1996 back page. Advertisement for Ameritech Communications Company showing diagram of United Center Communications System for the Democratic National Convention held that week in Chicago, Illinois. The days before…

Press credentials for the 1996 Democratic National Convention and eight campaign buttons distributed during Bill Clinton’s second presidential campaign. The campaign was successful and he served two terms. One of the buttons reads “Re-elect Socks…

Reporter’s notebook from the Democratic National Convention held in Chicago, IL in 1996 and an “Encore!” button featuring President Bill Clinton playing the saxophone. The button was distributed to supporters during Clinton’s second…

Hospitality Program Guide distributed during the 1996 Democratic National Convention held in Chicago, IL.

Button distributed during the 1996 Democratic National Convention held in Chicago, IL.

Bernie Sanders (D) T-shirt 2016. Sanders was the last challenger to the eventual Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic Primary race. The t-shirt's label states, "Union Made in the USA." There is also a stamp just…
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