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Two pins for national election, on to the House of Representatives, one to the Senate. US Senate pin is for Dick Durbin, still serving. House of Representative pin is for Stephens. Stephens resigned his office in 2011.

Some pins are originals others reproductions for various national level offices in elections at the end of the nineteenth century in the United States.

Jay Hoffman Political Button-
Democratic Nominee for the House of Representatives.
Photo was taken with Gary Hannig and Betsy Hannig.

Naomi D. Jakobsson (Democrat) expresses her gratitude towards the contributor for having helped circulating her petition for nomination. 1800 signatures were obtained, which put her on the ballot for the Representative in the General Assembly for the…

A poster from the 1964 campaign for Illinois House of Representatives. G. William Horsley and David J. Jones were elected to the House as Representatives At-Large, positions that were added after a failed attempt in 1963 to redraw the state's…

Illinois Campaign Reporting Systems (ICRS) was a political consulting business founded by local politician Tony Leone. ICRS created computer software that made gathering constituent information and contributions easier for the Republican Party in…

On official stationary, President-Elect Ronald Reagan thanks John Homeier of Springfield, Illinois, for his and unnamed others' attendance at Reagan and Nancy Reagan's home on October 25, 1980. Reagan tells Homeier that the election of himself,…

This jacket belonged to Harold V. Hunter as he campaigned for Oklahoma's District 6 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1978. Hunter challenged incumbent Glenn English (D). He lost the bid, but went on to be appointed by President Reagan as…
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