UIS History Harvest 2016 - Political Memorabilia

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UIS History Harvest 2016 - Political Memorabilia


All the images and items harvested by UIS in its inaugural History Harvest


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Items in the UIS History Harvest 2016 - Political Memorabilia Collection

Al Harris Campaign Card
This was a note card issued during Al Harris's Republican primary campaign for Precinct Committeeman #108 in March 1982. His campaign was successful, and he served for one term in office.

Invitation to Governor Oglesby's Funeral
Invitation to attend the funeral of former Governor Richard Oglesby in Elkhart,Illinois, on April 28th, 1899, at 4.30pm. Invitation includes information about funeral train at Chicago and Alton Depot.

Item was purchased by contributor at auction.…

Mailing for Susana Mendoza as Illinois Comptroller
Susana Mendoza, a Democrat, runs for Illinois Comptroller in 2016 to challenge Leslie Hunger (Republican). As of the publication on the UIS History Harvest website, the outcome of the election is yet to be determined.

Flyer for Mike McElroy as State Senator
A Flyer for Mike McElroy (Republican) as State Senator (48th district) in the 2012 elections. He lost the election against the Democrat Andy Manar by a margin of 9'000 votes.

Flyer for Andy Manar as State Senator
The Flyer was distributed during Andy Manar's successful campaign for Illinois State Senator (48th district) against the Republican candidate Mike McElroy. Manar won by 9,000 votes.

The contributor was a paid field organizer for the campaign in…

Rulers and Pencils
Political Rulers-
Jim Edgar (Secretary of State)
Oblinger (Representative)
Judy Topinka (Illinois State Treasurer)
George Ryan (Secretary of State)

Political Pencils-
George Wilkings (Superintendent of Public Instruction)
Vernon Nickell…

Walton and Leary Pin
Pin to support the re-election of Walton and Leary. No information on office or year for election.

Carol Moseley Braun  Democrat U.S. Senate Poster
Poster for Carol Braun campaign for Senate run under the Democratic party .
She represented Illinois in the United States Senate from 1993 to 1999. She was the first African American for the Democratic party.

Braun served as the United…

Goldwater-Miller Poster
Goldwater-Miller campaign poster from the 1964 presidential campaign.
Goldwater was originally from Arizona. Goldwater Lost to Lyndon B. Johnson.

Humphrey Campaign Poster
Humphrey Campaign Poster
Humphrey Ran for president in 1968 after Lyndon B. Johnson said he would not be running for reelection. He lost to Nixon.