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Novelty and Satirical Items


Elections and politics are a very serious matters. Sometimes too serious. Sometimes even deadly serious. Political advocacy can all too often paint bleak pictures of pessimistic current and future realities. Negative campaign advertising can take its toll on not only the candidates themselves, but the greater public as well. Any manifestation of levity or curiosity will bring a welcome respite from the more colorless and antagonistic aspects of an electoral campaign and politics at large. The items in this featured exhibit were doubtlessly intended to demonstrate the lighter side of political campaigning.

This exhibit includes Political Memorabilia that has comical and satirical value.  Although many of these items may seem light hearted, they hold some underlying meanings about the poltical candidates.  This includes controversies about their candidacy, as well as promotional tactics.  In this exhibit you will find items like Donald Trump illustrated as excrement and Ronald Reagan as Rambo, from the pop culture film, "Rambo: First Blood."  Prepare to be amused and while you are at it, check to see if we caught all of their underlying meanings!

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