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This is an original brick segment from President Abraham Lincoln's only owned home in Springfield, IL. The renovations and brickwork completion was proposed and finished by contractor Harry C. Jorgensen.

John Transue's rejection letter to teach English in Czechoslovakia for the 1991-1992 school year.

Roots by Alex Haley.jpg
Before Roots America’s history books silenced and marginalized the trials, tribulations, contributions and achievements of African American’s to America’s very being. However, Roots changed the trajectory of American history. The book version…

A dark red hoodie/sweatshirt (cotton/polyester blend) from Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany. In the center of the hoodie is the seal of the University. Written above the seal in block letters is "Universität." "Heidelberg" is written…

This origami frog is made of notebook paper, and has the face of Yoda on it. A high school student made it as a gift for their teacher.

September 1961 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. E.J. Antonacci, a World War II Veteran, designed a house included within this issue of the magazine. The open floor plan and design were economical and innovative at the time.

Report Book 1963 Robert Montgomery.JPG
This is a report made about a student's field trip visit to a military base for Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 6 in Ream Field. The cover is made out of wood, bound by leather ties and metal hinges, and contains a carving of an American…

Untitled design.png
Cadbury Company/family set up a model village around their factory (in England). Interesting industrial Victorian morals.

Ballet Shoes 1.JPG
Black ballet shoes (non-pointe) used for ballet classes and performance. They are size 9 and made with leather for the upper part of the shoes and the sole. Primarily used for college dance classes. The state of the shoes and the condition of the…

Black Ford_Guenevere_Scan_B_2.pdf
A graphic novel picked up in a German 3-level bookstore in Luneberg
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