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Pin to support the re-election of Walton and Leary. No information on office or year for election.

VP, Walter Mondale, visits Loami to address farm issues and campaign for Jimmy Carters second term.

Newspaper articles from The State Journal Register and the Jacksonville Currier about Walter Mondale's visit to Illinois.

Jersey 1.jpg
Gold and navy Tiskilwa High School volleyball jersey belonging to Brenda (Jones) Seggebruch. #24 is on the front and back of the jersey, with 'Tiskilwa' on the front and 'Jones' on the back. From 1985-1988, Jones played on the THS volleyball…

Joe Pecoraro and his sibling visiting the Bozo the Clown Show in April of 1979.

Varsity Letters:Pins.jpg
Two varsity letters and assorted varsity sports pins from Cissna Park High School awarded between 1985 and 1988 belonging to Philip Seggebruch.

These letters represent educational significance for Philip because he had a passion for sports and the…

These political buttons span a wide range of presidential elections, with the exception of Carol Moseley Braun for U.S. Senate. Candidates on the buttons come from a variety of political parties, Democrat, Republican, and Independent, as well as…

"Nixon Now" was a campaign slogan from Richard Nixon's run for president in 1972. He had a campaign song with a similar chorus. This button includes a union stamp on the back.

The striped button is a replica of the Uptown People's Coalition…

Speech 1.jpg
The typed Valedictory speech of Fern FitzHenry. It consists of two, hand-typed pages. She gave the speech at the eleventh annual commencement ceremony at Drummer Township High School in Gibson City in 1922.

Two pins for national election, on to the House of Representatives, one to the Senate. US Senate pin is for Dick Durbin, still serving. House of Representative pin is for Stephens. Stephens resigned his office in 2011.
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