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This magnet was purchased by Marcel Tworek on his road trip to the Walking Dead film set in Senoia, Georgia. The magnet was purchased from the Woodbury Shoppe and currently hangs on Marcel's refrigerator as a precious memory from his trip.

Text on the front of the magnet: Maputo
This magnet was acquired in Mozambique and has Mozambique's capital city Maputo written on the front. Jake Friefeld got this magnet on vacation to Mozambique while he was planning his wedding. While he was…

Magnets that Jake Friefeld acquired in Maui on a delayed Honeymoon trip. He and his wife were supposed to have a large wedding and their Honeymoon trip in 2020. However, they ended up having to have a small wedding and push back their Honeymoon trip…

Magnet 1E.JPG
A magnet from Clingman's Dome TN


Magnet 1D.JPG
A magnet acquired in Pigeon Forge TN


Magnet 1C.JPG
A magnet acquired during a trip to Guggisberg, Ohio, which is an Amish region.


Magnet in the shape of a dog's paw, playing on the name "Barack."
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