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To the right of the President is Vernon Copeland. He had attended Browns Business College and "could type like nobodies business" (100 words per minute on a typewriter). He was recruited by the Secret Service in the 1950s and retired around 1980.

Gold and red tassel key. Vernon Copeland took this key from the Grande Hotel in Rome while on detail with Mrs. Nixon. Vernon said it would have caused an international incident.

Group of hotel keys including domestic and international. Vernon Copeland, father, as his time as agent of Mrs. Nixon detail saved keys from his travels as souvenirs.

Copeland_Catherine_Photo_4 .JPG
Father, Vernon Copeland, in secret service, in charge of Mrs. Nixon's body guard detail. A picture of him holding her purse. Mrs. Nixon was in the restroom.

Photo of President Nixon with his hands in the air as his motorcade moves down the road. Pat Nixon sits on the back of the convertible. In the background of the photo is a "Pat for First Lady" sign

Copeland_Catherine_Scan_B_1_a (1).pdf
Contributors father is in the photos as a secret service agent, serving as head detail for First Lady Pat Nixon.

First Lady getting off the plane. Contributors father is second from the right looking down.

Hand written list of all the hotel keys that he [Copeland's father] stayed in while traveling
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