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Katherine's Great Grandmother, Boho, brought the print from Poland around the turn of the 20th Century. Grandmother was a first-generation Polish immigrant. They came through Boston via immigration, settling in Mt. Iron, Minnesota. 1905/1907 Theā€¦

Vacation to London, Paris, and Rome. purchased at Harrods of London as a souvenir. 60th anniversary of Paddington Bear. She took this vacation with her brother Steven Sosa-Krall, and his husband, Rafael Sosa-Krall, in September of 2018.

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This magnet was purchased by Marcel Tworek on his road trip to the Walking Dead film set in Senoia, Georgia. The magnet was purchased from the Woodbury Shoppe and currently hangs on Marcel's refrigerator as a precious memory from his trip.

At the time of her trip, Spain still utilized carbon copies of tickets going through historic sights. Amber was on vacation in Avila when she was studying art history in Spain, where she got this ticket.
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