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The keychain was purchased in September of 2018 at the Palace of Versailles while Katherine was on a European Vacation.

The signs were purchased as souvenirs in Quepos, Costa Rica. The Transue family traveled to Quepos in 2021 for family vacation. Alex Transue thought the signs were funny.

John Transue's rejection letter to teach English in Czechoslovakia for the 1991-1992 school year.

John Transue was teaching English in Czechoslovakia and wanted to apply for graduate school. Transue used this dictionary to attempt to ask shopkeepers for large envelopes in order to mail his graduate application. When he would ask clerks for…

The glasses were purchased in a vintage store in Athens, Greece. The evil eye jewelry was purchased in Santorini, Greece. Both were purchased as souvenirs during the 2022 Transue family vacation to Greece.

Black Madonna.jpg
Katherine's Great Grandmother, Boho, brought the print from Poland around the turn of the 20th Century. Grandmother was a first-generation Polish immigrant. They came through Boston via immigration, settling in Mt. Iron, Minnesota. 1905/1907 The…

Vacation to London, Paris, and Rome. purchased at Harrods of London as a souvenir. 60th anniversary of Paddington Bear. She took this vacation with her brother Steven Sosa-Krall, and his husband, Rafael Sosa-Krall, in September of 2018.

A decorative Slovakian climbing axe given to John Transue as a gift while in Bratislava, czechoslovakia.

Bridget Arthur's family was visiting family in Chicago, Illinois. They visited her Great Aunt who was a secretary for Mayor Daley at the Heidelberg restaurant.

Henry Ford recreated this village with buildings from his lifetime. Such as where Thomas Edison created the lightbulb. Bridget Arthur's father and a family friend on a family vacation are photographed here. Arthur said this was taken at an amusement…
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