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Happy Daze Rochester High School Newspaper Pgs 1-4.jpg
Rochester High School student newspaper from 1976 entitled, Happy Daze. The copied pages incorporate both typed text, as well as handwritten words and drawings. Denise Bolte, Joyce Cordell, Carol Dorworth, Cindy Dorworth, Nancy Stout, and Linda Taft…

Jersey 1.jpg
Gold and navy Tiskilwa High School volleyball jersey belonging to Brenda (Jones) Seggebruch. #24 is on the front and back of the jersey, with 'Tiskilwa' on the front and 'Jones' on the back. From 1985-1988, Jones played on the THS volleyball…

Senior XC Hat.jpg
Red and white Morton cross country team hat. The knit cap has 'Morton XC' on each side of the hat. Seniors on the cross country team were given these hats at the beginning of their senior season by their coaches. This hat was given to Mason during…

Ring 1.jpg
Morton High School class ring belonging to Mason Seggebruch, class of 2015. Peridot gemstone at the center of the ring surrounded by the script 'Morton High School.' The sides of the ring have 'potters' and 'Mason' on each side and images of a cello…

RHS Play Bill Aida.jpg
Playbill Rochester High School's production of Aida, directed by Dave Shaw. The play ran for three days from Friday, February 28th to Sunday, March 2st.

Springfield Highschool Yearbook 1944.jpg
Alice Sloman's 1944 Springfield High School Yearbook. Alice circled the picture of Mary Lou Sloman, her younger sister.

RHS Play Bill Midsummer Night's Dream.jpg
Playbill Rochester High School's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The play ran for three days from Friday, February 27th to Sunday, March 1st.

Retiring after 30 years with the school, this was the final play directed by Dave Shaw as the…

RHS Play Bill Island of Dr. Moreau.jpg
Playbill for Rochester High School's production of Island of Dr. Moreau. Dave Shaw directed the play with Adam Bell as his assistant director. The play ran for three days from Friday, March 11th to Sunday, March 13th.

A dark red hoodie/sweatshirt (cotton/polyester blend) from Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany. In the center of the hoodie is the seal of the University. Written above the seal in block letters is "Universität." "Heidelberg" is written…

Shako 1.jpg
A Rice Krispies Treat made to resemble a marching band shako worn by members of the Pekin Community High School Marching Dragons. The treat is red, white, black (Pekin Community High School's colors) and is covered in fondant icing. It also has a…
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