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The brochure shows the three African American U.S. Marshalls to promote Robert Moore's book the Presidents Men.

This is an original brick segment from President Abraham Lincoln's only owned home in Springfield, IL. The renovations and brickwork completion was proposed and finished by contractor Harry C. Jorgensen.

Picture of U.S. Marshall Robert Moore and Vice President Dick Cheney at the White House.

Newspaper talking about how Robert Moore was able to move the Martin Luther King statue in front of Springfield Illinois Capitol.

Self walking guide of museum exhibit at African American History Museum. The guide walks you through the entire exhibit.

This is a button that represents a significant Cardinal baseball fan base in Springfield, IL. It was created specifically to bring awareness to the rival Cubs/Cards exhibit at the presidential museum.

Newspaper article is about African American Robert Moore's career and life. The article talks about the exhibit that has been created on his life.

A magazine article talking about the changes in the growth of minorities in the Illinois State Police force in the 1970s.

A book written about Black leadership in the U.S. Marshall.

A 1946 NAACP button given to a nurse at a hospital by an African American male in his 40's, who received treatment because of the riot in Chicago of 1966. The button was a token of appreciation to the nurse who was placed on "Red Alert" due to theā€¦
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