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Denisha Brethorst, born Denisha Kehrer, upon her divorce melted down her wedding ring, a pair of emerald earrings that she received from her grandmother for her eighth-grade graduation, and her mother's class ring. Her mother was Diana Henry of…

Speech 1.jpg
The typed Valedictory speech of Fern FitzHenry. It consists of two, hand-typed pages. She gave the speech at the eleventh annual commencement ceremony at Drummer Township High School in Gibson City in 1922.

Program 2.jpg
The commencement program for the Drummer Township High School's eleventh annual commencement ceremony. The Drummer Township High School was located in Gibson City, Illinois. The ceremony took place at the Chautauqua Pavilion on a Thursday evening,…

A framed yearbook page of the "Observer Editorial and Business Staffs" for Woodruff High School's 1952 yearbook in Peoria, Illinois. The Observer was the school's biweekly newspaper.

Pennants 1.jpg
A collection of several college/university pennants. They are made of felt. These are representative of what colleges and universities the Ritter family has attended over the years.

Collection of African American Stamps.jpg
America’s history books silenced and marginalized the trials, tribulations, contributions and achievements of African American’s to America’s very being. However, in the late 70's the United State's Postal Service made an effort to spread the…

Illinois Association of Colored Women.jpg
The Illinois Association of Colored Women is a branch of the National Association of Colored Women that started in 1896. Their motto is "Lifting As We Climb." The National Association of Colored Women is still in existence today.

Diploma Cover.jpg
This is a High School Diploma from Freeport Christian Academy from the class of 2003. Freeport Christian Academy closed in 2006. This school was a religious private K-12 School that opened in 1980 in Freeport, Illinois.

Cleaotha L. Bailey Crosses The Panama Canal.jpg
Certificate known as the Order of the Ditch was presented to Cleaotha (Cleo) L. Bailey upon crossing the Panama Canal on the USS Yorktown on June 19, 1993.

1967 diploma.jpg
The is a High School Diploma from Warren Jr- Sr High School in Warren Illinois. This diploma is from the Class of 1967
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