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1965 New Berlin High School yearbook. Images of clubs, sport teams, and students.

A newspaper article from the Albion Journal detailing a large fire happening within the town. The article is written at 4:30 AM while the fire is still taking place. At the time of writing, it was the biggest fire the town had seen with over $100,000…

VP, Walter Mondale, visits Loami to address farm issues and campaign for Jimmy Carters second term.

Newspaper articles from The State Journal Register and the Jacksonville Currier about Walter Mondale's visit to Illinois.

The New Berlin Historical Society loaned these vinyl records. They were a source of entertainment in the mid twentieth century. They were used for dances and in clubs.

Joe Pecoraro and his sibling visiting the Bozo the Clown Show in April of 1979.

This is a non-fiction work focused within the Southern Illinois' town of Cobden. It followed Dick Ruggles' journey to Cobden and his two year stint as head coach of a successful underdog team: the Appleknockers.

This lantern was utilized as a reenactment piece for the Wide-Awakes Walk.
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