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In 2004, Jay Hoffman was re-elected as State Representative (he served from 1991 to 2011). He represents the 113th District in the Illinois House of Representatives since 2013.

Also on the picture are Louis Hannig and his wife LaWanda, the…

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Poster from the 1+million- person March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC on April 25, 2004. The major theme of the march was centered on women's reproductive freedom. This poster boldly states, "STOP THE WAR ON CHOICE!" and was produced by Planned…

Political Buttons include:
-Barack Obama presidential buttons for 2008 and 2012
-Women for Barack Obama in 2004
-Women for Hillary from either 2008 or 2016
-Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 1992
-A plethora of gay pride buttons including Illinois gay…
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