Speech Endorsement for Tim Davlin for Mayor 2003

Ossie Landfelder’s 2003 speech in support of Tim Davlin for Mayor

This letter written by Ossie Langfelder endorses Tim Davlin to be the Mayor of Springfield during the 2003 campaign.  Tim Davlin was a fellow member of the Democratic Party.  Davlin was successful in his campaign, and served as Mayor of Springfield, IL from 2003 until his death in 2010.  Davlin was a lifelong resident of Springfield and attended the University of Illinois at Springfield.  As noted in the letter of endorsement, the Davlin and Langfelder families knew each other well.

You can find more information on Ossie Langfelder at the link below courtesy of the Springfield Journal Register. This link includes a visual gallery of Ossie Langfelder’s Springfield political career.