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Cliffie Stone Square Dancing Records

Square Dancing Records

Cliffie Stone and his Square Dance Band released the album, through Capital Records, titled “Square Dances” in 1947.[1] Square dancing was a popular past time in the mid twentieth century and still maintains an audience today. People would gather for family get-togethers, community parties, or school functions and participate in these dances. Four couples or four individuals would stand in position (the square) until the dance began. Most square dances would have a person calling out the next cue for couples or individuals to follow. Square dancing was also a way to socialize with neighbors, peers, and to meet new people.

            This album is vinyl, and contains the songs; Golden Slipper (side 1) and Ragtime Annie (side 2). When the album was released, it included a booklet that contained the instruction for each square dance.[2] The caller would need to memorize these steps and when to call them out during the songs.

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